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General Biryukov's business empire

Maxim Biryukov

General Biryukov, the Head of the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region can be named as one of the most cynical and mercantile officials of the region. His family is openly conducting business, which commercial success is directly connected to the Ministry of Emergencies. Besides, the majority of Biryukov’s business ventures ended in disputes with the taxation office because of the tax violations. The only enterprise that became successful because of the corrupted connections was the takeover of the niche of fire monitoring systems.



The founding of the Birzukov’s business empire can be dated back to 2003.

In April 2003 Raisa Vladimirovna Biryukova, mother of General Biryukov, founded the venture (at that time Biryukov was neither a General, nor the Head of of the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region. She was a co-founder of the LLC “Mega-Svetotechnika” (Mega-Lighting Technologies). Supposedly this enterprise didn’t become successful: on numerous occasions the company went in the black list of tax authorities and was closed down in the end. Moreover, the co-founders of “Mega-Svetotechnika” became unsuccessful in other ventures. The other commercial enterprises that they founded were forcibly liquidated.

In October 2004 Raisa Biryukova became a co-founder of LLC «Vector SPb». It statutory activities could hardly fit into two pages and predictably the obtained licences had the seals of the Ministry of Emergencies. But this didn’t help: in January 2012, due to violations, the company was eliminated from the Unified Register of the Legal Entities on the recommendation of the Federal Office of Taxation.

In April 2007 Raisa Biryukova made another attempt to start a business – she became a co-founder of LLC “Vektor North-West”. Company’s mission was to obtain licenses from the Ministry of Emergencies with the help of Sergei and Maxim Biruykov for works on the installation, maintenance and repair of the fire safety systems for the buildings and facilities.

And again the enterprise failed to succeed – in September 2011 the company was blacklisted by the Office of Taxation due to tax violation. The same fate had various companies that were established by the co-founders of LLC “Vektor North-West”- Svetlana Belyaeva and Natalia Kurchanova.

Andrei Polischuk, a long-time business partner of the Biruykov family and the fourth co-founder and director general of LLC “Vektor North-West” (also Director General of LLC “Vektor SPb”) is worth mentioning too. Several years after he became a Director general of the notorious LLC “SM Lenoblast” (“SM Leningrad Region) which activities are described below.

In October 2010 Raisa Biryukova and Andrei Polischuk made another attempt to recover the company and founded another LLC “Vektor North-West” which differed from its namesake only by OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) and INN (Taxpayer Identification Number). The fate of this company remains unknown.

Therefore it is possible to state that commercial activities of Biruykov’s mother were always unsuccessful despite the administrative power and resources.



Sergei Biruykov, the former colonel of the Ministry of Emergencies who ended his professional carrier as a deputy of the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies of St. Petersburg is a co-founder of LLC “Complex” since July 2007; the statutory activities of the company are linked to the maintenance of the buildings and facilities. In July 2012 LLC “Complex” was liquidated on the recommendation of the Federal Office of Taxation due to fax violations.

The company where Biryukov became a co-founder is rather intriguing. It includes the following business partners: Gennady Bolshakov, Yulia Ivanova, Natalia Kabardina, Maxim Krovelets, Nadzhda Tarasova and Victor Chirkov.  At different times these people were either in the management or the co-founders of various enterprises that were continuously blacklisted by the Taxation Office and than were forcibly terminated.

The most impressive out of all of these companies was the LLC “Konstantinovsky Auction House”, that was later terminated with a scandal. The co-founders of this venture were Gennady Bolshakov, Nadezhda Tarasova and Maxim Krovelets – business partners of Sergei Biryukov in “Complex”.

It’s worth mentioning that one of the co-founders of the LLC “Complex” was Viktor Chirkov, Director general of the government facility “The State Complex of Congresses of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation”. It is possible to assume that when the “Complex” was founded, Sergei Biryukov and others were counting on the administrative resources of this high-ranking official. Taking into consideration that in the end LLC “Complex” was terminated as tax defaulter, it can therefore be assumed that these expectations weren’t met due to some reasons.

In March 2009 Sergei Biryukov became a co-founder of the LLC Technopromexpertisa» («Technoprom Expertise»). The company designed engineering and electro-technical equipment. It also went into the black list of the Federal Office of Taxation and in October 2011 was forcibly terminated.

From the begin of March and until the end of April 2011 the former deputy of the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies of St. Petersburg Sergei Pavlovich Biryukov worked as Director general of LLC “SM Lenoblast” (SM Leningrad Region”). This company was dubbed on numerous occasions as a violator of fair competition rules (http://oglaskaspb.com/eng/authority/a141/). It is one of the two companies that received exclusive rights to install and maintain the fire monitoring programmable machine units “Strelets Monitoring” in various facilities of the Leningrad Region.

LLC «SM Lenoblast» acquired its extensive credentials from Argus Spectre», the company that produces «Strelets” monitoring units and that won the corresponding contract.  It’s not at all surprising because Director General and co-founder of  “Argus Spectre” Sergei Levchuk since October 2008 worked as Director general of LLC “ZTM” – co-owner of  LLC “SM Lenoblast”.

Therefore, until Sergei Biryukov linked his enterprise with the administrative powers of his son his commercial projects invariably violated the tax legislation.



The career of Maxim Biryukov, the head of the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region is rather unique.

In 2002 when he was only 25 years old he became the head of the Fire Department Squad 17 of the Managing Office of the State Fire Department of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

In 2007 (at the age of 30) he received a PhD degree and wrote a PhD paper titled “The diagnostics and prediction of the condition of fire prevention of dangerous facilities in a dynamic change of the functioning environment”.

During the same year Maxim Biryukov acquired his first luxury object – a brand new Lexus “RX300” car. Later in June that year, he purchased a trailer “LAV 81015” - such trailers are meant to transport water-jets and boats.

On February 10, 2011 the media published the news that Dmitry Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation assigned the 34-year old Maxim Biryukov as the Head of the Managing Department of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad region. Previously the mayor-general of the domestic services managed the supervisory activities as the deputy of the Department.

It is difficult to state whether it is purely coincidental but right after the General Biryukov-junior was assigned to this job, the LLC “SM Lenoblast”, linked with “Argus Spectre” acquired almost monopoly rights to install “Strelets Monitoring” programmable machine units.

Initially, the older Biryukov was assigned as Director general of the company. But approximately after 1.5 months Andrei Vasilyevich Polischuk, his wife's old-time business partner, changed him in this role.

There is no doubt that such a seizure of the branch of fire monitoring became possible after Maxim Biryukov became the Head of the district Managing Department of the Ministry of Emergencies and his parent founded the company LLC “SM Lenoblast”.

All the facts published in this article are only the limited facets of the problem. The conclusion that the Biryukov family uses administrative resources in favour of their companies is valid, however is not complete. There are solid reasons to assume that the federal campaign to equip various facilities with fire monitoring automatic systems and initiated by the management of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia was planned in order to force private enterprises to use the products of “Argus Spectre”.


The next publication will overview this.


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