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The regional Ministry of Emergency manipulates with delusions

Viktor Krivoshonok

The representatives of the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region invented an offbeat way of defending its standpoint in Arbitration Court. They used newspaper publications about their own unconscionable actions as a way to manipulate the judges. In order to increase the effect, the officials of the Ministry of Emergencies supported some of their most grotesque claims with Nietzsche quotes.


How to avoid becoming insane

Viktor Krivoshonok, who represents the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies in Arbitration Court and is a retired General-mayor of Internal Services and a former 1st Deputy of the Head of the Northwest regional Centre of the Ministry of Emergencies, should be credited for his creative writing skills. He read the articles published in “Oglaska” and in turn composed a 10-page allegation addressed to the 13th Arbitration Appellation Court where using some unexpected logical constructions, he attempted to convince a panel of Judges that these publications are used to exert pressure on and are also a “cynical demonstrative mockery of … justice”.  The situation is puzzling, because Viktor Krivoshonok was referring to the articles where nothing was written about the judges that according to him became objects of pressure. However, these articles contained information about some of the unconscionable actions of his former chief – the head of the regional Ministry of Emergencies, the General Maxim Biryukov.

The ex-General Krivoshonok mostly referred to the article «The Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region blows fire in a court dispute» (http://oglaskaspb.com/eng/authority/a141/). The article outlined the decision of the Arbitration court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, that obliged the officials of the regional Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies to take fire emergency calls, that were coming to federal fire stations from “Volna”(“Wave”) private monitoring centre. The latter at the moment finds itself in a serious conflict with the Managing office of Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region after Boris Alexandrov, “Volna” Director General, terminated service contracts with two private companies directly affiliated with personal financial interests of General Biryukov’s family members.

This situation not only damaged the positions of “Volna” monitoring centre, but also hundreds of its clients, - where “Volna” installed and operated fire monitoring equipment. Numerous state-financed organisations are also among these companies, including schools and hospitals of the Leningrad region.

When the court of first instance explained to fire emergency authorities that they must take fire emergency calls free of charge, which is in fact self-evident, we published the article mentioned above. In particular, it contained the following lines about the regional Ministry of Emergencies representative: “They went to the 13th arbitration appellation court in order to dispute the decision of the court of 1st instance, which according to a normal person is justified and based upon common sense”.

At that stage Viktor Krivoshonok, the retired General of the Ministry of Emergencies, demonstrated his creative approach when working with information sources. He addressed a statement to the 13th Arbitration Appellation court which claimed that if the article mentions that the court’s decisions are justified and based upon common sense, than “Volna” is using the attempts of “Oglaska” in order to put pressure on the judges and in fact insults them, as according to the article, the judges who can overturn such a ruling are indeed insane!

The General’s boldness went that far, that in his claim to the court he even named the articles of Criminal Law, that the “Oglaska” violated when it had published an ordinary news report about the court process. According to Mr. Krivoshenko, “Oglaska” violated articles 294 and 297 of the Criminal Law of the Russian Federation (preventing the administration of justice and obstructing the preliminary investigation” and “disrespect of the court”).


Organised crime groups are obstructing the view…

The court claim of the creative ex-General contains just another message which ill-rationality simply startles. This message deals with the relation systems that have existed in the market of fire-prevention services for a long time.

The system is unsophisticated. All companies in possession of any premises (including schools and hospitals or storage facilities and shops) have to equip their facilities with fire prevention automatic systems. The modern version of such equipment is a hardware that transfers fire emergency signals to monitoring centres and to the nearest federal fire stations via allocated radio frequencies. There are several companies that are active in this sphere, and “Volna” monitoring centre is one of them. However, only “Volna” can not anymore transfer fire emergency signals to fire stations after the service contracts with the firms related to the family members of General Biryukov, the head of regional Ministry of Emergencies, were terminated.

However, following his own irrationality, the former General Krivoshonok chose a suitable moment to remind himself of a fact that actually fire emergency calls should be taken free of charge. But, as «Volna» takes the money from its clients for instalment and service of fire automation systems, therefore, according to Krivoshonok, the company is in fact plundering funds from the budget.

The General even outlined in his claim to 13th Arbitration Appellation court the criminal scheme that was created in order to pocket the budget funds. And the first elements in this crime chain are schools and hospitals as the directors of such budget organisations ordered «Volna» to install and service the mentioned fire emergency equipment. The other member of this criminal group according to Krivoshonok is «Volna» monitoring centre itself because the fire emergency signals are transferred to fire stations with its equipment instead of using an old-proved system of dialling free fire emergency phone number. Although when the fire happens to be at night (we hope, it will never be the case), then the emergency number shall be dialled in the morning. But also free of charge.

Nonetheless, the «founder» of «Volna» criminal group has organised the transfer of emergency signals almost instantly for a monthly payment (according to local laws) and is not a telecommunication services provider such as Megafon and MTS, the leading companies in Russian telecommunication industry. And, according to the former General this means that the money is being plundered from the budget.


Times of corruption

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Krivoshonok did not send this piece of creative writing to the 13th Arbitration Appelation Court in the first instance. Several months before he addressed similar composition to the Managing Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The claim requested to bring Boris Alexandrov and other members of the criminal group to justice on the account of fraud according to article 194, part 4 of the Criminal Law of the Russian Federation (“Major fraud”). However, these inadequate claims were rejected due to the lack of evidence (this bizarre story was also previously covered by us: http://oglaskaspb.com/eng/authority/a158/).

Judging by the outcome, the detailed explanations from the police did not fully impress the officials from the Ministry of Emergencies. Anyhow, the association chain presented in this document truly impresses: General Krivoshonok even quoted Friedrich Nietzsche, citing Aphorism 23 from his work «Gay Science»: «…cruelty now becomes more refined, and its older forms are henceforth counter to the taste; but the wounding and torturing by word and look reaches its highest development in times of corruption, it is now only that wickedness is created, and the delight in wickedness.»

An ex-General did not expect the story to be published by «Oglaska», and he did not treat them seriously. Somehow, he concluded that the article described psycho-somatic (!) condition of the directors of «Volna» monitoring centre who prefer to use a restless droning approach when talking with journalists.


It is hard to picture how did the judges actually reacted to the claim. To us, however, it reminds of complete delusions.


Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

 Бизнес-досье этого народного избранника выглядит, пожалуй, самым неожиданным. В его биографии присутствует легальное участие в порноиндустрии – он был бизнес-партнеров известно порномагната Сергея Пряннишникова. Все остальное свидетельствует о его стабильном, но скромном по депутатским меркам достатке.


«Письмо в Ваш адрес дало обратный эффект»

Жители острова Майский Ленинградской области написали повторное открытое письмо губернатору Александру Дрозденко с просьбой сохранить железнодорожный переезд – единственную дорогу к их домам. После первого обращения к высшему должностному лицу региона железнодорожники пообещали сохранить переезд и почему-то начали его демонтировать.


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Морские лоцманы пожаловались на Росморпорт прокурору

ФГУП «Росморпорт» издал ряд документов, ухудшающих условия организации и оплаты труда лоцманов и грубо нарушающих российское трудовое законодательство и приказы Минтранса. Профсоюзная организация «Морские лоцманы Санкт-Петербурга» обратилась с жалобой в транспортную прокуратуру и Государственную инспекцию труда. Сотрудники последней передали редакции полный текст документа, где подробно описаны допущенные Росморпортом нарушения.