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The central office of the MVD will take a closer a look at General Biryukov's enterprise

Maxim Birukov

Boris Alexandrov, Director General of «Volna» (the «Wave») company that installs and services fire prevention automatic systems in Leningrad region addressed the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with an open letter. The businessman requested to examine the current situation in this business sector objectively. Previous appeals to subordinate state organisations did not bring any result. Administrative resources of the Ministry of Internal Affairs do not allow regional law enforcement agencies to be objective.



To  Denis Alexandrovich Sugrobov,


Head of the managing department

of economical security and

corruption counteraction of the

Ministry of Internal Affairs

2 Technichesky perelok



Information website «Oglaska SPb»




Dear Denis Alexandrovich!


I was sending letters addressed to the management of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation during the past year 2012. In these letters I asked to assist and resolve the conflicting situation in Leningrad region, connected with the Managing Department of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad region, who carries out corrupted actions, aimed at raider seizure of the business sector of fire prevention systems by the persons linked to Biryukov M.S., the mayor-general of the Internal Services, the Head of the Managing Department of Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region

The following letters were sent out for an inquest to the North-West regional centre of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia. In the letter dated from 07.09.2012, the North-West regional centre of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia informed me that the facts outlined in the letters hadn't been proved.

A question arises, what actual facts have not been proved during the control revision, carried out by the North-West regional centre of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia? How was the revision carried out and did it take place? Could the failure to identify the facts be possibly connected with the fact that the high-ranking officials of the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad region took part in the corruption counterplots?

It is worth noting which of  the corruption facts couldn’t be identified:

1.      Blackmailing and bribery that took place under the control of the Federal Security Services of Russia (FSB)?

2.      Payout of several millions roubles to the companies headed by the father of Biryukov M.S.?

3.      Unauthorised turning-off of the signals of “Volna” monitoring centre from “Strelets Monitoring” fire monitoring systems installed at federal fire stations. This fact was confirmed by prosecutor’s revisions. Illegal attempts to bring my company to administrative responsibility that followed after and have been documented.

4.      Raider seizure of this business sector?

5.      Violation of fire safety legislation?


Hereby, I am requiring to check up the already established facts of illegal enrichment of the top management of the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region. The actions of Maxim Biryukov, the Head of the Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region are bald and evident: he pushes out the parties of the fire emergency automatic systems market of the Leningrad region by pressurising the regional business sector. He cynically exploits his administrative powers in order to make the regional businesses to sign up the contracts with the companies connected to him and to install and service a programmable machine unit «Strelets Monitoring»:

-LLC «Vektor-SPb» (Taxpayer’s identification number 7816355882) and LLC «Vektor North-West» (Taxpayer’s identification number 7807322930). Among the company founders is Raisa Vladimirovna Biryukova (the mother of Biryukov M.S.)

-Sergei Pavlovich Biryukov (the father of Biryukov M.S) is the founder of LLC “Complex” (Taxpayer’s identification number 7819307083) and LLC «Technopromexpertise» (Taxpayer’s identification number 7814433824), and also a director of LLC “Monitoring services – Leningrad Region” (Taxpayer’s identification number 7814493654), the founder of the latter are: LLC “Centre of technical monitoring” (Taxpayer’s identification number7814371744) and LLC “Centre of fire security” (St. Petersburg, Moskovsky prospect 186, p. 28-n).

In its turn, one of the founders (85% of share capital) of the “Centre of technical monitoring” (Taxpayer’s identification number7814371744) is LLC “Argus Spectre Holding”, which produces programmable machine units “Strelets Monitoring”. These units are actively promoted in Leningrad region using the administrative powers of Biryukov M.S., blocking similar products from other companies and thus violating the legislation of the Russian Federation, namely “Corruption counteraction”, “Fire safety” laws and etc.

Thus, the mentioned activities that enforce companies to act as they are told is covered by the necessity of compliance to the «Fire safety» law. However, the companies are entitled to freely choose their service providers.

The actions of the high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Emergencies fall under the criminal law:

-        article 179, Criminal Law of the Russian Federation (Enforcement to sign a deal or to refuse to sign it)

-        -article 178 (prevention, restriction or elimination fo fair competition)

-        article 285 (abuse of official power)

-        article 286 (violation of official power)

-        article 290 (bribery)

-        article 292 (forgery)


In case of revealing the counterplot (due to the statements from the companies and criminal cases in other districts of Leningrad Region), a case can be investigated on the existence of an organized crime group (article 210 Criminal Law of the Russian Federation)

In the meantime, the law enforcement authorities are making attempts to stop the specified business activities, however, the management of the Managing Department of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad Region pressures the companies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee and terminate existing criminal cases, as well as carrying out of any investigative measures in this field.

The above-mentioned pressure from the Managing Office of the Ministry of Emergencies of Leningrad region is experienced by the companies who operate in the real sector of the economy of the Leningrad region and which proved the regional budget with taxes and the population with jobs.


In connection with the above-mentioned issues, I sincerely ask you, Denis Alexandrovich to take this case under your personal control, because I have enough facts to suspect that on the regional levels, as well as the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation levels, my case will not be investigated.



Best regards,

Alexandrov, B.G.

Director General

LLC “Volna”




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