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Greedy for Adler's fortune

Dmitriy Bezdelov

The absurdity of the accusations to former parties in the state contract for the reconstruction of the checkpoint “Adler” and the inquiries jiggle trying to define the amount of damage starting from 1.7 bln roubles and going to 170 millions raise a logical question: who benefits from it? The only logical answer is that only the “National insurance group” that insured the contract can have material motives in what is happening.


Stating the pointless

On December 4, 2013 the Arbitration Court of Moscow Region ruled that the “National insurance group” had to pay “Rosgranitsa” 823 822 381 roubles and 60 kopeks. This amount was determined by the court as an insurance payout for not carrying out the contract for the reconstruction of the railroad checkpoint “Adler” by LLC “Reconstruction department 5” (“RSU 5”) in St. Petersburg.

Since the insurance case was stated on December 31, 2010, when it became evident that contractor general had not carried out its obligations and the timeframe for the state contract had run out two years had gone before «Rosgranitsa» appealed to the arbitration court. Another year had gone before the court made a ruling for an insurance payout. Approximately the same amount of time went before the payout had been made – only in June 2014 the Federal Arbitration Court of Moscow District signed out the court's ruling. During all this time the representatives of the «National insurance group» came up with the most incredible reasons that delayed the Insurance company to carry out its obligations.

The case was reviewed three times by the court of first instance, three times by Court of Appeal, two times in Court of review and is now going to be reviewed for the third time by the Supreme Court. The “National insurance group” fights for almost lost 823 822 381 roubles and 60 kopeks till the last breath. Its pseudo legal arguments even got on the nerves of the judicial board of the Federal Arbitration Court of Moscow District. In the reasoning part of the court ruling, according to which the Insurance company is obliged to make an insurance payout is stated: “A different interpretation of the insurance contract would lead to the statement that insurance is senseless in itself…”

However, at “National insurance group” the fight for the Adler’s fortune is not considered pointless.


Millions despite everything

The representatives of the insurance company are destined to lose in the Supreme Court – unbiased lawyers are sure about that. The lawyers are certain that the only chance for the “National insurance group” to have its 823 822 381 roubles and 60 kopeks back is the courts ruling on the criminal case about the fraudulent misappropriation of the funds that had been assigned by the government for the reconstruction of “Adler”. As soon as the parties of the “Rosgranitsa” case will be convicted on any of the charges, the insurance company has substantial reasons to seek the review of the ruling by Arbitration court of Moscow region about the payout.

And apparently the insurers will win such a case – one shall only wait for a conviction. The Investigative Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is determined to reach a conviction by all means. However, it doesn’t take into consideration one matter that in the case of conviction the long coveted 823 822 381 roubles and 60 kopeks will have to be paid to the “National insurance group” from the budget.

So a question arises: in whose interest does the main investigative institution of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs act?


It is clear that the case is shady

The story how the «National insurance group» appeared in the high-profile «Rosgranitsa» case is rather vague and contradictory. However, it makes us think it over again.

According to our information, the details of how the «National insurance group» appeared as an insurer of the state contract for the reconstruction of Adler were told to the inquiry by two parties in the case – Georgy Belousov, Director general of LLC “Reconstruction department 5” (“RSU 5”) in St. Petersburg and Danila Vavilov, a foromer deputy of the Head of «Rosgranitsa». The only thing that differs these participants in the case from the others is that that plead guilty and actively collaborate with the inquiry.

According to the statements made by Danila Vavilov his boss, Dmitry Bezdelov, a former head of «Rosgranitsa» had recommended him «Guta Insurance» company as a future insurer for the future state contract. Supposedly, Bezdelov introduced Vavilov to the representative of «Guta» and supposedly the represetative have promised to unofficially pay an «otkat» (payout) to Bezdelov in the amount of 25% of the sum of the future contract. Nevertheless, Vavilov, according to our information, assigned his subordinate to negotiate with different insurance companies. Supposedly according to these negotiations and following recommendations by Dmitriev, Bezdelov had chosen “MSK” insurance company, however Dmitriev also recommended to Director General of LLC “Reconstruction department 5” (“RSU 5”) to sign a contract with the “National insurance group”.

And as it’s often said in such case, it was clear that the case was shady.


Otkat (payout) to be in safe deposit

Georgy Belousov has confirmed to the inquiry that Dmitriev assigned him to sign an insurance contract with the “National insurance group” and to pay it 32 mln roubles. According to Belousov he was against it, because it was too expensive and they could have had the same service 1.5 times cheaper. But he didn’t succeed. So the contract had been signed and the money had been payed.

In his statement Danila Vavilov describes the finale of this story: supposedly some time after he received from Dmitry around 10 million roubles in cash, that have been presumably received by Dmitriev from the insurance company as an “otkat” (payout). Vavilov has told that he deposited the money to the deposit box of “Agrosoyuz” bank and reported it to Bezdelov, who in turn had instructed him to give the money to Vasily Yazkov, the vice-president of the bank (which, according to Vavilov’s statement he did).

The summary is clear:

Firstly, the “National insurance group” was recommended to Georgy Belousov, the Director General of LLC “Reconstruction department 5” (“RSU 5”) by an employee of  Danila Vavilov, the former deputy of “Rosgranitsa” head.

Secondly, there are no reasons to think that Dmitry Bezdelov, a former head of “Rosgranitsa” had something to do with this.

Thirdly, the “National insurance group” has received within the insurance contract a significantly larger sum that it was actually worth and partly used it against the Criminal code.

Seemingly, the management of the company never supposed that they would ever have to carry out their obligations on the contract.


Against all

Dmitry Bezdelov's stance in his relations with the «National insurance group» looks completely different.

Already in December 2012 he assigned his employees to prepare a complaint to the «National insurance group» which he had signed and had sent to the adresssee. Exactly this complaint led to the payout to “Rosgranitsa” in the amount of 823 822 381 roubles and 60 kopeks of the insurance sum, which the representatives of the company so vehemently try to fight off. And solely an insurance company is interested in the prosecution of Dmitry Bezdelov and his employees, whereas for the insurer this is the only chance to return the money against all odds – against the common sense and the interests of the budget.




Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

 Бизнес-досье этого народного избранника выглядит, пожалуй, самым неожиданным. В его биографии присутствует легальное участие в порноиндустрии – он был бизнес-партнеров известно порномагната Сергея Пряннишникова. Все остальное свидетельствует о его стабильном, но скромном по депутатским меркам достатке.


Детектив с тайными агентами

В Петербурге разворачивается очередной шпионский детектив, в центре которого всё то, что необходимо для жанра: продажные сотрудники спецслужб, преступные лидеры задержания и крупные суммы денег.


Как в Третьяковской галерее украли Крым

Третьяковская галерея не сберегла картину Архипа Куинджи «Ай-Петри. Крым». Произведение из собрания Русского музея «ушло» с временной выставки в неизвестном направлении. И не исключено, что в компании дорогой шубы – пропажа именно этого предмета из гардероба, по информации СМИ, стала поводом для вызова полиции. Возврат картины, с учетом ее сюжета, комментаторы в Интернете уже нарекли делом государственной важности.


Дело о четырех миллионах

Бывшая совладелица миллиардного бизнеса Лариса Кузнецова и петербургский консультант Александр Гайдуков обвиняются полицейским следствием Московского района Санкт-Петербурга в мошенничестве. Дескать, вывели из компании «Специальные технологии» четыре миллиона рублей и распорядились по своему усмотрению. Особое внимание средства массовой информации уделяют фигуре Александра Гайдукова, вырастающей у некоторых авторов до масштабов легендарного Голиафа. Так давайте вспомним, как «Голиаф» оказался в «деле о четырех миллионах».