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Railway Bankrupt

Vladimir Vasilyev
Owner of LLC "Corporation P-Industry," St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Vasilyev might substitute the first persons of the State JSC "Russian Railways"(RZD) due to the bankruptcy of the other company he owns. These persons have concluded contracts with him for more than 3 billion rubles. The bankruptcy manager of the bankrupted company has officially warned the "RZD" about possibility of serious troubles. Meanwhile, the win of ?Corporation P-Industry" at the railroad auctions makes one in a puzzle.

Lucky "P-Industry"

Auctions for the construction of railways in the district of Tobolsk were won by LLC "Corporation P Industry" in February and March 2012. The sum of all 3 contracts exceeded 3 billion rubles. We are talking about the construction and running of roads in the area of "Tobolsk-Demyankov": station-to-station blocks called "Chumbulut-Svetlana", "Slinkin-Iltym" and "Svetlana-Peril."

Auctions themselves went rather quietly, except for the one relating to the construction of a block "Slinkin-Iltym." In early March this year, Center for Tender Organization of JSC "RZD" suddenly informed the applicants: The auction was declared invalid, and therefore the contract was concluded with «P-Industry Corporation."

According to the "Oglaska" no one was shocked by the news – it happens with the distribution of large government contracts frequently. However the selection criteria of "RZD" is surprising

First, the "Corporation P Industry" has acted as a contractor of the railway monopolist. And the big question is whether that experience at the railroad is a valid reason to believe in their success?

"Oglaska" managed to talk with one of the employees of the central office of JSC "RZD" (he refused to disclose his name in the publication.) The interlocutor claims, the "RZD" has long been practicing this scheme: money is “spent” for performance of works under the contracts on paper, but in fact the relevant work is performed by employees of "RZD" on the orders of their superiors. Sometimes small construction crews are hired for the half of the estimated cost to execute some works and then the employees of "RZD" finalize them.

Interlocutor of "Oglaska" is sure that "P-Industry" performed works under contracts of 2010 and 2011 in the same way, and nothing has probably changed radically by now.

Secondly, almost immediately after the auctions in the beginning of 2012 which "P-Industry" won, the executives of "RZD" were officially warned about the possible risks associated with cooperation with this company:




Warning came from the bankruptcy manager of the St. Petersburg LLC "Company Rus", Igor Kuzmin. The company was going bankruptcy. The bankruptcy manager questioned the business reputation of the owner and CEO of "Company Rus" by Vladimir Vasiliev, who is also the owner of "Corporation P-Industry."

Igor Kuzmin concluded his letter as follows: "I am informing you about the reputation of Vasiliev V.G… asking you ... to protect state interests and the interests of creditors by collecting the debtor's property, please confirm whether there have been any contracts concluded with the " Corporation P-Industry" on the basis of tenders, as well as provide me with information sent by " Corporation F-Industry" to JSC "RZD" to participate in open competitions ... "

There is a serious threat to the economy of the "Russian Railways" hiding behind the legally correct wording lurks, as well as for the welfare of the citizens waiting for the railway line "Tobolsk-Demyankov" running. Indeed, the bankruptcy of the "Company Rus" can lead to redirection of creditors’ demands from ”Company Rus" to "Corporation P-Industry", which have a common owner. The legislation stipulates for this in case the fault of the owner causing bankruptcy of "Rus” is proved (actually, this is what bankruptcy manager is writing about).

Igor Kuzmin addressed his letter to two executives of "RZD": vice president of corporate security, Alexander Bobreshov and chief of the Center of tender organization, Irina Mitichkin. It is up to these top managers which major contractors of monopolists are going to be chosen. 

Up to 15 years of imprisonment...

The story of bankruptcy of LLC "Company Rus" is quite common, still it reveals some negative business characteristics of the CEO and owner of the company, Vladimir Vasiliev.

In 2007, the "Company Rus' came to an agreement with the St. Petersburg company" TehnoBalt "for the supply of building materials. The amount of the contract amounted to 5 million rubles, which "TehnoBalt" successfully transferred to the bank account of "Rus", after that relationship between the partners went wrong - "TehnoBalt" never saw any money or any building materials.

In accordance with evil traditions of the Russian business community, wining by "TehnoBalt" in December 2010 at the process of the Arbitration Court of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region did not affect the real situation anyhow. On this reason "TehnoBalt" had to initiate bankruptcy proceedings of the “Company Rus" .

After having examined financial documents of"Company Rus", court-appointed bankruptcy manager, Igor Kuzmin came to a predictable conclusion: the company was able to pay out to "TehnoBalt" but it did not even try. He characterized actions of the head of the "Company Rus", Vladimir Vasiliev by quotating the Criminal Code: "fraud on a large scale," "designedly circumvention of payment of accounts payable," "non-compliance with the court decision." The first one article of the Criminal Code out those three provides penalties of up to 15 years of imprisonment.

In addition, Igor Kuzmin came to the conclusion that Vladimir Vasiliev distorted accounting records of the company, by excluding the debt to "TehnoBalt" out of report.

The bankruptcy manager outlined his point of view in two letters - one was addressed to the General Directorate of the Interior Ministry in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region with a request to initiate criminal proceedings, the other one was sent to the executives of "RZD" to warn of the partnership with business structures of Mr. Vasiliev.

According to the "Oglaska" there is still no satisfactory answer from the management of railway monopolist.

On the other hand, there is an informal opinion that the initiators of the close interaction between the "RZD" and "P-Industry Corporation" might be avoiding explaining their actions to the president of JSC "Russian Railways", Vladimir Yakunin. As they say in the media, the latter is a personal friend of Vladimir Vasiliev; on this reason he cannot evaluate the quality of some of the business qualities of this man objectively.


Vladimir Vasiliev was born August 11, 1969.

For many years he has been successfully engaged in business – he is the founder and director of several dozen companies, most of which have been registered in St. Petersburg.

But Vladimir Vasilyev has become the figure of interest to journalists not due to commercial activities, but because of familiarity with the President of JSC "RZD" Vladimir Yakunin. As they wrote in newspapers, they are both fond of hunting, and became friends during an accidental meeting. Anyway, that's how Mr.Yakunin described his relationship with Mr. Vasiliev during discussion of the matter with reporters of "Vedomosti".

The shared passion for hunting got materialized in the joint business: Vladimir Yakunin and Vladimir Vasiliev, are co-founders of LLC "Real Hunting".

However, it was not this fact which attracted the attention of journalists to the person of Mr. Vasiliev, but his luckiness at the auctions held by "RZD"  when selecting contractors for various works. Although the company President, Mr  Yakunin stated that his personal relationship did not have any relation to business projects of "RZD", successful participation of the company "Corporation P Industry" in the railroad auctions did attract the attention of the press to a hobby friend of Mr. Yakunin.

By the way, apart from "P-Industry", there are more companies like LLC "Innolayn" and "Finprom" by Vladimir Vasiliev which a serving contractors for “RZD” as well.

Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

 Бизнес-досье этого народного избранника выглядит, пожалуй, самым неожиданным. В его биографии присутствует легальное участие в порноиндустрии – он был бизнес-партнеров известно порномагната Сергея Пряннишникова. Все остальное свидетельствует о его стабильном, но скромном по депутатским меркам достатке.


Детектив с тайными агентами

В Петербурге разворачивается очередной шпионский детектив, в центре которого всё то, что необходимо для жанра: продажные сотрудники спецслужб, преступные лидеры задержания и крупные суммы денег.


В Петербурге перестают платить за бензин

Полиция регистрирует по 5-6 заявлений ежедневно. Суммарные убытки участников рынка достигают десятков миллионов рублей в год. Бензин еще вырастет, и будет хуже. Еще год назад в Петербурге не было принято уезжать с заправок, не оплатив залитый бензобак, бывало такое, но редко. И собственники АЗС не обращались в полицию. К концу 2017-го случаи были один-два в неделю на 700 станций города. Практиковать бесплатную заправку активно начали в марте 2018-го: заявления о кражах поступали почти ежедневно. К октябрю, по данным «Фонтанки», полиция регистрирует уже по пять-шесть случаев каждый день, за редким исключением. Но уголовными делами заканчивается лишь десятая часть.


В Бишкеке пытались взорвать петербургского бизнесмена

Взрыв у офиса киргизского филиала петербургской консалтинговой компании ее владелец Александр Гайдуков считает второй попыткой его убить из-за корпоративного конфликта в компании, которая специализируется на выпуске шпионского оборудования для российских спецслужб.