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Members of secret agreement win in the RZD

Vladimir Yakunin
President of LLC "Russian Railways" (RZD), Vladimir Yakunin signed a strange agreement with the St. Petersburg LLC "Corporation P-Industry". It reveals the cause for the company?s luckiness in getting billion-dollars contracts at the auctions held by the"RZD". In early 2012, having the capital of 10,000 rubles this company concluded contracts for about 3 billion rubles for the construction of railways. Then its leaders remembered they did not have relevant equipment for construction. The editor office "Oglaska" has received very interesting documents.

Strange "cooperation agreement"


Let us recall ("Oglaska" recently wrote about this: http://oglaskaspb.com/auto/a42/) that at the beginning of this year, St. Petersburg LLC"Corporation F-Industry " won three auctions conducted by Tenders Center belonging to "RZD". We are talking about the construction and running of the roads in the area of "Tobolsk-Demyanka": station-to-station blocks "Chumbulut-Svetlana", "Slinkino-Ilytym" and "Svetlana-Peril." The total amount of contracts amounted to about 3 billion rubles.


We noticed a strange luckiness of a little-known company with a capital of 10,000 rubles thanks to the bankruptcy manager of another St. Petersburg company – LLC "Company Rus", viz. Igor Kuzmin. "The company Rus" is now bankrupt, its general manager and owner is a businessman Vladimir Vasiliev - he is the only founder of the "Corporation P Industry."


The bankruptcy manager has concluded that some of the actions of Vladimir Vasiliev, the leader of the "Company Rus' fall under several articles of the Criminal Code:"fraud on a large scale”, "designedly circumvention of payment of accounts payable, "non-compliance with the court decision".  Bankruptcy manager Kuzmin sent an official letter to the executives of "RZD” warning about the risks of financial relations with "P industry" owned by Vladimir Vasiliev.


Reaction of the leaders of "RZD" is still unknown. In the meantime, the Editor Office "Oglaska" got a very strange document: a kind of "cooperation agreement" signed by a representative of "P-Industry" and by the president of "RZD", Vladimir Yakunin.  "Oglaska" turned to lawyers and they found it difficult to estimate the legality of the document - it resembles a kind of informal arrangement fixed on paper.


But there is a nuance: this strange document dates back to October 4, 2010, and since 2011 the "Corporation P Industry" has started winning billions of dollars in auctions conducted by "RZD".


We have the opportunity to publish a "cooperation agreement" in full:

 ?????????? ?? 4 ??????? 2009-1-1

 ?????????? ?? 4 ??????? 2009-2-1

?????????? ?? 4 ??????? 2009-3

"P-Industry" asks for scrap


It is possible that the conclusion of such "agreements" is a common thing for the "RZD".  From the perspective of the vast majority, it is not the company name which is important to build next kilometers of railways, and even not its compliance with all requirements of the auction. The quality of roads is important. Let's not forget that this type of transport is a source of increased danger. That is why the documents received by Editor Office "Oglaska" are discouraging.


It turns out that after winning the auctions by "RZD", which brought contracts of billions of dollars LLC in fact, the leaders of LLC "Corporation P Industry" admitted: they have no money to build the railways! (It is quite predictable for a company with the registered capital of 10 000 rubles).


Vladimir Vasilyev and General Director of "P-Industry" Alexander Yakimets began sending letters to the executives of 'RZD' requiring to allow them to borrow the old equipment for the construction of railways, which had been pensioned off a few years. In these letters it is described in detail where and what kind of equipment is located.


Petersburg businessmen motivated their demands in a simple way: it "will allow implementing new power line and fulfilling the assigned tasks in time at this freight-intensive direction ", as it was written in one of the letters.


There is only one question without an answer: how do they manage to win billions of dollars in auctions for the second year in a row, considering the fact they need to borrow scrap metal for performing their obligations?


Interestingly, "P-Industry" complained in one of the letters to the president of "RZD" Vladimir Yakunin of his subordinates as they were unwilling to give old equipment for the construction of new railways to the company, and he wrote the following resolution: "Sort out the situation and get rid of bureaucrats. Report on the execution. "


Here is the letter:

?????? ?-????????? ??????? 21 ??????? 2012 ????


Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

 Бизнес-досье этого народного избранника выглядит, пожалуй, самым неожиданным. В его биографии присутствует легальное участие в порноиндустрии – он был бизнес-партнеров известно порномагната Сергея Пряннишникова. Все остальное свидетельствует о его стабильном, но скромном по депутатским меркам достатке.


Детектив с тайными агентами

В Петербурге разворачивается очередной шпионский детектив, в центре которого всё то, что необходимо для жанра: продажные сотрудники спецслужб, преступные лидеры задержания и крупные суммы денег.


Как в Третьяковской галерее украли Крым

Третьяковская галерея не сберегла картину Архипа Куинджи «Ай-Петри. Крым». Произведение из собрания Русского музея «ушло» с временной выставки в неизвестном направлении. И не исключено, что в компании дорогой шубы – пропажа именно этого предмета из гардероба, по информации СМИ, стала поводом для вызова полиции. Возврат картины, с учетом ее сюжета, комментаторы в Интернете уже нарекли делом государственной важности.


Дело о четырех миллионах

Бывшая совладелица миллиардного бизнеса Лариса Кузнецова и петербургский консультант Александр Гайдуков обвиняются полицейским следствием Московского района Санкт-Петербурга в мошенничестве. Дескать, вывели из компании «Специальные технологии» четыре миллиона рублей и распорядились по своему усмотрению. Особое внимание средства массовой информации уделяют фигуре Александра Гайдукова, вырастающей у некоторых авторов до масштабов легендарного Голиафа. Так давайте вспомним, как «Голиаф» оказался в «деле о четырех миллионах».