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The General Contractor of “Igora” is deep in the debt pit

Vladimir Vasilyev
Vladimir Vasilyev, a businessman, known as a partner in hunting and a personal friend of Vladimir Yakunin, the Head of “Russian Railways” appeared in the provocative situation. The Arbitration Court arrested his shares in 11 business entities, and he himself was brought to the subsidiary liability for gross violations caused bankruptcy of OOO “Company Rus” belonged to him. In particular, the company executing multimillion contracts on construction of railways was arrested.


The unique bankrupt

This is the unique case for the Russian justice. Marina Antipinskaya, the arbitrator of the Arbitration Court for the city of Saint Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast, actually locked-up the businessman, whose financial turnover estimated in billions. It is worth saying that the belonged to Vladimir Vasilyev and now arrested ООО “Corporation R-Industry” has been winning tenders for more than 1 year for multibillion contract works with ОАО “Russian Railways”. Contract works of ООО “Corporation R-Industry” in Year 2012 was evaluated as much as more than RUB 3 billion.

The arrest of Vladimir Vasilyev’s shares in business entities happened within the bankruptcy procedure of OOO “Company Rus”, in the past the General Contractor of the construction works of the 1-st line the most posh in Russia ski resort “Igora”. What is more, several years ago “Company Rus” was leading the way among the Companies specialized on construction of the up-market cottages within the Leningradskya oblast.

Arbitrator Antipinskaya arrested not only ООО “Corporation R-Industry”, but 10 companies more, in which Mr. Vasilyev has his shares i.e. “Veles”, “North-Western Construction Company Rus”, “Elena”, “Golden Duck”, Construction Company Rus”, “Rus Diamond”, “Real Hunting”, “R-Industry”, “Rus Diamond Plus” and “Rus Safety”. 11 companies in total, in most of which Vladimir Vasilyev had from 50 to 100% of shares. In fact, huge amount of financial means flows through some of the aforementioned companies, but in reality the authorized capital stock of the most of the companies amounts to RUB 10,000, thereby, e.g., 50% of the shares of one of such companies were evaluated as RUB 5,000. Thus, so many Mr. Vasilyev’s Companies were arrested.

Besides that, within the same bankruptcy procedure of ООО “Company Rus” Vladimir Vasilyev was brought to the subsidiary liability for his own financial violations, revealed by Igor Kuzmin, the bankruptcy manager (read the detailed information about the violations revealed here: http://oglaskaspb.com/eng/auto/a60/). Now Mr. Vasilyev has to pay the creditors of “Company Rus” more than RUB 5 Mio. should a bankruptcy manager fail to find this amount of money in the course of the bankruptcy procedure.


“Russian Railways”(RZhD) is out of luck with the hunting partner

The court ruling banning Mr. Vasilyev to make any actions with the belonged to him shares in the aforesaid business entities is not a commercial issue only. Actually the happened case seriously damages the reputation of ОАО “The Russian Railways”, the largest monopolist of the country.

Prior this case Vladimir Vasilyev was considered to be a lucky person as he managed to make friends with Vladimir Yakunin, the President of RZhD owing to their shared hobby – the hunting. Multibillion contract works which OOO “Corporation R-Industry”, belonging to Vasilyev, received in RZhD were connected due to this friendship which was understandable based on the settled tradition in Russia.

And now the situation looks completely different: the person, managed to gain the trust of actually the first person of the federal business beau monde, was shown to be guilty in the grossest financial frauds. This fact damages the reputation of ОАО “The Russian Railways” in general – can we trust construction of the strategic facilities of high hazard to the business entities, controlled by such a person? And what can our attitude be to Vladimir Yakunin who so unsuccessfully chooses his friends, who are not only well in with him for settlement of their personal financial issues but also disgrace him with their deeds?


Dossier of "Oglaska":

LLC "Company Rus" was registered in 2002; from the very beginning it was owned by Vladimir Vasiliev. He had been the CEO until the moment this senior management position was taken by the bankruptcy trustee. Vladimir Vasiliev is known to journalists as a good friend of the President of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin, whom he met thanks to the shared hobby of hunting.

As early as 2005 "Company Rus" was positioned as the largest woodworking companyin theLeningradregion, having its own major production and producing, in particular, chopped wooden houses.

Former Director General of the "Company Rus”, Vladimir Vasiliev took part in meetings with the local business elite by regional governor Valery Serdyukov; then he expressed the proposals for the development of regional economy. "Company Rus" was the general contractor for construction of an elite ski resort "Igora" which is associated with "friends of Putin" from the bank of "Rossia". That's the "CompanyRussia" who had manufactured beautiful wooden cottages for the "Igora".

After completion of the first phase of "Igora" for 50 million euros, the company legally declared the expansion of production and construction of a new plant in Priozersk district, theLeningradregion.

In late 2006, Information Agency «INFOLine» reported, "the largest production capacity (in theLeningradregion, ed.) belongs to the" Company Rus”, which is capable to producing up to 360 houses. "


Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

 Бизнес-досье этого народного избранника выглядит, пожалуй, самым неожиданным. В его биографии присутствует легальное участие в порноиндустрии – он был бизнес-партнеров известно порномагната Сергея Пряннишникова. Все остальное свидетельствует о его стабильном, но скромном по депутатским меркам достатке.


После публикации островитянам с Майского привезли шкаф РЖД на переезд

К железнодорожному переезду на острове Майский в Выборгском районе Ленобласти привезли оборудование. Возможно, для организации переезда и связи с материком. Несмотря на то, что оно в расцветке РЖД, в пресс-службе об этом не слышали.


Историк Соколов признал вину оппонента

Ныне экс-доцент СПбГУ Соколов признал вину в убийстве аспирантки Анастасии Ещенко, но реальным виновником их общих бед считает своего научного оппонента: именно тот организовал травлю и даже, возможно, подослал к его невесте любовника «из криминальных кругов».


Морские лоцманы пожаловались на Росморпорт прокурору

ФГУП «Росморпорт» издал ряд документов, ухудшающих условия организации и оплаты труда лоцманов и грубо нарушающих российское трудовое законодательство и приказы Минтранса. Профсоюзная организация «Морские лоцманы Санкт-Петербурга» обратилась с жалобой в транспортную прокуратуру и Государственную инспекцию труда. Сотрудники последней передали редакции полный текст документа, где подробно описаны допущенные Росморпортом нарушения.