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"Corporation P Industry" is building a black spot road

Vladimir Yakunin
Businessman Vladimir Vasilyev - head of a scandalously famous LLC "Corporation P-Industry" and a personal friend of the president of "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin - cynically misinforms him about the quality of execution of multibillion contracts. In fact, the construction of railway on the site "Tobolsk-Demyanka" by the P-industry is made with gross violations of technology; according to experts, those can cause tragic consequences in the future when trains start operating. Unfortunately, the head of "Russian Railways" is under his favorite person’s thumb.

In February and March 2012, the company "Corporation P-Industry" won the tender for the construction of the doubling of line "Tobolsk-Demyanka": railroad haul "Chumbulut-Svetlana" (total of 1,559,357,990 rubles, including 735 777 350 rubles in 2012, and in 2013 - 523 082 100 rubles., in 2014 - 300 498 540 rub.) railroad haul "Slinkin-Iltym” (total of 1,260,438 300 rub., including 726 459 620 rubles in 2012, in 2013 - 442,750 290rub., in 2014 - 91 228 390 rubles) railroad haul "Svetlana-Peril" (total of 920,926 840rub., including 357 656 040 rubles - in 2012, in 2013 - 417 306 980 rubles, in 2014 - 145 963 820 rub.).

We will not talk about the ways this firm managed to win such tenders considering the fact its turnover was only 30 million rubles in 2010, and it had neither specialists nor necessary equipment. And we will not talk about the contract about strategic partnership between JSC "Russian Railways" and "P-Industry Corporation" concluded in October 2010. In Russia, this is not the first time. Famusov in the comedy "Woe from Wit" said: "why not to oblige a dear person."

Let us talk about the facts only.
September 17, 2012 "Corporation P Industry" reported cheerfully to the president of "RZD" Vladimir Yakunin on early performaned works on dumping roadbed for laying railway tracks in the amount of 1,819,893,001 rubles (One billion eight hundred nineteen million eight hundred ninety-three thousand and one ruble) and requested help to sell their rail products of 34 kilometers.
The resolution “for action” was given by Vladimir Yakunin to Morozov V.N, Suprun V.N.
Here is the letter:

Письмо Васильева Якунину 170912

Here are the pictures, captured on Sept. 17, 2012; they give evidence that the words about the works performed by Vladimir Vasiliev - the head of "R-Industry" - were kind of an exaggeration:

Untitled-1 copy
Stage Chumbulut-Svetlana
Drainage pipes installed are old (made of metal), which is clearly not appropriate to the project and cannot provide proper drainage.

Untitled-2 copy
Stage Chumbulut-Svetlana
Drainage structures have not been cleaned, and those re-arranged do not cope with the amount of water, as the water flow should go in drainage ditches and gutters, and they are not made at the entire area.

Untitled-3 copy
Stage Chumbulut-Svetlana
Erosion and slumping of the roadbed under the rain water occurred due to neither layers rammer nor embankments strengthening of the roadbed had been done.

Untitled-4 copy
Stage Chumbulut-Svetlana
Installed pipes is missing any drainage.

Untitled-5 copy
Stage Slinkin-Iltym
The presence of top soil in intertrack between existing and newly constructed roadbed gives evidence of no cutting had been made, which leads to the accumulation of water in intertracks and underwashing of the roadbed.

Untitled-6 copy
Stage Slinkino-Iltym
Washaway of the newly constructed road bed suggests that the necessary ramming and slopes strengthening of roadbed has not been made.

Untitled-7 copy  
Stage Slinkino-Iltym
Layer-by-layer compaction has not been made. The subgrade is made of local (not draining) soil.

Untitled-8 copy
Driving Slinkin-Iltym
None-draining soil - the clay in this case - is subject to mandatory cutting; it is covered with 10 cm layer of sand

Untitled-9 copy
Stage Svetlana-Peril
Installation of the old (metal) pipes violating the requirements of the project will cause problems with drainage and consequently will effecton newly constructed road bed.

Untitled-10 copy
Stage Svetlana-Peril
There is no drainage system, no layer-by-layer compaction and no strengthened embankments of the roadbed.

Untitled-11 copy
Stage Svetlana-Peril
The local none-draining soil is used for the construction of the roadbed.

Judging by the presented pictures, one can assume that there have been no works performed for construction of the rail bed at all. There was deforestation carried out only and removal of topsoil (not completely). It is impossible to lay the assembled rails and sleepers on the "subgrade", when skeletonizing is tracked, it will sink into the mud under its own weight.
And these are the stages that chairman of the "Corporation P Industry" Vladimir Vasilyev wrote about in his letter to Vladimir Yakunin. But where is the road bed? Is it really possible to lay railway track in this mess?
It turns out, it is possible. After all, the readiness of the subgrade has been confirmed by the commission chaired by the head of the Sverdlovsk railways - Alexei Mironov, he accepted the works.He even made a proposal to give the following stages to the company "Corporations P Industry" without any tenders!
Meanwhile, any expert can have a look at these pictures and say clearly: roadbed for laying railway track is not ready. It seems that one hunting friend cheated another hunting friend (it is known that Vladimir Vasilyev found favor in the eyes of Vladimir Yakunin becuase of their common passion for hunting). As they say in Russia, no matter what and how has been built, as long as the money has been mastered.
Another interesting question is whether Mr. Yakunin knows that the main builder of the second track of the stage "Tobolsk-Surgut", and the right hand of Mr. Vassiliev at this construction is Vasily Pavlenko - a former head of the department of JSC "Russian Railways" on tracks and structures; Yakunin personally fired him in 2008 for trying to steal 198 million rubles by signing a fictitious KS-2 (‘Work Acceptance Certificate’) and CS-3 (Note of cost of performed work) for outstanding work.
Times have changed. Previously, Vasily Pavlenko signed fictitious acts amounting to almost two hundred million rubles, and now almost for 2 billion rubles: now he has support in the person of Vladimir Vasiliev – the best hunting friend of Vladimir Yakunin. In addition, the customer for this property is the old and reliable friend of Vasily Pavlenko from the South-Eastern Railway -  Alexey Mironov (today - the chief of the Sverdlovsk Railway).
In general, the business activity of Vladimir Vasiliev has been consistently adventurous. The "Company Rus", where he was the owner and CEO, is undergoing the scandalous bankruptcy procedure; LLC "RosModulStroy" where he chaired the board of directors, has not only suffered bankruptcy, but turned out to be in the center of a criminal case. It is appropriate to assume sooner or later the main owner and head of the "Corporation P Industry" Vladimir Vasiliev will provide another opportunity to initiate a criminal case due to such a heroic activity by him.
Therefore, in the near future we expect the information with  audio and video records on the way  the "Corporation P Industry"  "won" those tenders in 2011-2012, the way it passed through "qualification selection";  and on production powers it possessed, which kickbacks the " P-Industry" demanded with its subcontractors, how much the customer was given, how and at what price railway equipment was bought and repaired; as well as for whose account and at what prices the scarce rail products and other railway materials were purchased.
After verifying that information, it will be handed over to the Prosecutor General, the FAS, the FSB, the Ministry of Transport, "NOVATEK" and to all other interested organizations.


Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

 Бизнес-досье этого народного избранника выглядит, пожалуй, самым неожиданным. В его биографии присутствует легальное участие в порноиндустрии – он был бизнес-партнеров известно порномагната Сергея Пряннишникова. Все остальное свидетельствует о его стабильном, но скромном по депутатским меркам достатке.


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