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Prosecutor got interested in General Contractor of "Igora"

Vladimir Vasiliev

There is one sane person among the millions of Russian officials who has responded adequately to numerous requests from the bankruptcy trustee of the "Company Rus", Igor Kuzmin. Deputy Prosecutor of the Priozersk district of Leningrad region, Darichev has not only overturned the police decision to institute no criminal proceedings on complaints of Kuzmin, but pointed to an extremely unconscientious attitude of the police shown during verification of the facts contained therein. 

The reaction of the deputy prosecutor of the Leningrad region Priozersky Daritshev to the statement of Igor Kuzmin  is kind of a record. This is the first appropriate response of the state official to the attempts by the trustee of the "Company Rus" to force the government to intervene in the unprecedented financial irregularities that have driven this company into bankruptcy. Before that the authorities simply did not notice any obvious criminals in this story.

And there is good reason to suppose the following: the reason for this "blindness" is not about the law enforcement officials, who should have responded to the statements of the trustee long time ago.

The reason is to be sought in the owner of the "Company Rus" - St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Vasiliev.  Remembering that Vasiliev is a personal friend of the president of "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin (they share a hunting hobby). The Company Rus used to be the general contractor of the first stage of an elite ski resort "Igora", owned by entities affiliated with the bank "Rossia".

That connection of Vladimir Vasiliev and his integration into the Russian political Olympus have actually made him untouchable. And no wonder that the officer of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes OMVD on Priozersk district of Leningrad region Lobanov could not find any evidence of a crime in the set provided by the trustee of the Company Rus, Igor Kuzmin. It is quite surprising that Prosecutor Darichev has dared to disagree.

The letter, which the manager Igor Kuzmin received from the Deputy Prosecutor of the Priozersk district Daritchev  stated:

"The prosecutor's office has given specific guidance to establish the facts which can evidence the presence or absence of material elements of offense in the actions of the Company Rus under Art. 195 and 159 of the Criminal Code of RF. Besides, the guidance to the regional OMVD states the need to take personal control over the additional check of the materials, and the ruling that no procedural decision can be taken without the full implementation of the prosecutor’s guidance ... ":



It is worth noting that the facts stated in the applications by the trustee of the "Company Rus",  Igor Kuzmin which he addressed to law enforcement agencies, are shocking. We have repeatedly described them: http://oglaskaspb.com/eng/bank/a90/

Firstly, Igor Kuzmin told the police that there was no information on the debt in the financial statements of the "Company Rus" at all, and that debt was the reason for the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings. It was impossible to miss the debt: it was 5 million rubles, and it became the pretext for the bankruptcy of the "Company Rus". It is also impossible to doubt the legitimacy of the debt as it was recognized to be valid by the decision of the arbitral tribunal.

Secondly, the bankruptcy trustee tried to attract the attention of law enforcement officials to another episode of the heroic activities by the businessman Vladimir Vasiliev. It is about 900 000 Rubles, which had been transferred to bank accounts of LLC"North-West Construction Company "Rus" and LLC "Elena" (both Ltd. belonging to Vladimir Vasiliev)" by the Company Rus (also owned by Vasiliev) under loan contracts.

Therefore, the trustee declared that both LLCs had to return money to the bankrupted LLC "Company Rus”, and the latter should have included it in the financial statements as a so-called property rights of the debtor. Simply put, the money could have covered at least partially the company loans. Vladimir Vasilievs simply hid that money, and did not list it in the certificate of accounts receivable transferred to the bankruptcy trustee.

Igor Kuzmin made no secret of his opinion: the actions of the owner of the "Company Rus" - Vladimir Vasiliev - are an offense under at least two articles of the Criminal Code - the 159 and 195 ("fraud" and "misconduct in bankruptcy" respectively). But law enforcement authorities of St. Petersburg and Priozersk district of the Leningrad region did not find any elements of offense in those actions.

Now this may change.


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