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"Putin friends' got quarreled in Cherepovets

Nicholas Shamalov
Nicholas Shamalov Oligarh Dmitry Gorelov thinks that his business partner Nikolai Shamalov, another oligarch who known in the media as "a friend of Putin," had deprived him of a share in the Cherepovets plant "RosModulStroy." Gorelov accuses opponents in the formation of an "artificial" debt and unjustified initiation of bankruptcy of the company costing more than one billion rubles because of 300,000 rubles of debt.

Invaluable advice


Such bad assumptions have been provoked by the news about an extraordinary general meeting of the LLC "RosModulStroy” in October 2011, the company is an owner of an enterprise in Cherepovets. Participants of the meeting unanimously of the decision.


First of all: he did not attend the meeting himself and learned about it by chance; however, the decision meant for him a loss of about 300 tons of millions of rubles (Dmitry Gorelov owns 25% stake in the LLC).


His suspicions have not been dispelled by the fact that the owner of the other 25% of the company Nikolai Shamalov was present at the meeting (unlike Dmitry Gorelov).


For example, as it was found out, 4 months prior to the meeting there was a bankruptcy proceeding initiated against "RosModulStroy". Moreover, the reason for this seemed somewhat doubtful: a certain LLC "Center for Strategic Studies "RUF"motivated the need for bankruptcy of "RosModulStroy " with unpaid debt of 300,000 rubles for allegedly rendered consulting services. Given that the property of "RosModulStroy" is estimated for more than 1 billion rubles, the argument seemed to be kind of weak. Even if we assume that the "RUF" actually provided consulting services at the Cherepovets plant.


What should a law-abiding creditor do if he wishes to claim the debt from the company in respect of which bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated? The correct answer is: go to an arbitration court to be included in the list of creditors.


What does the transfer of assets of an enterprise mean if there are bankruptcy proceedings initiated against it by the third party? Obviously, this is a wealth extraction. Doing so would be absolutely illegal and simply mean in respect of bona fide creditors.


Dmitry Gorelov wrote a statement to the prosecutor and the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography (Rosreestr) so that the first one could give a legal assessment of the occurred situation, and the other one would not register a change of ownership of property "RosModulStroy" without a purpose.


It did not help: a few hours before the decision by a judge of the Arbitration Court of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region, Karine Kazarian was delivered, according to which a monitoring procedure had to be improsed in regard of «RosModulStroy" , Rosreestr had registered the new owner of almost 22 hectares of land where the plant is located. That was the company "Tsersi."




"TSERSI": here and there


According to the transcript of an extraordinary meeting of members of LLC “RosModulStroy", in the past LLC borrowed from the "TSERSI" almost 400 million rubles, and was unable to return it - this is how the participants of the meeting, headed by the representative of the "friend of Putin" Nikolai Shamalov, motivated the need of giving property of " RosModulStroy " to "TSERSI" - to repay the loan.


Dmitry Gorelov considers the creation of debt to "TSERSI" to be artificial.  He has right to do so as the owner of 25% share in «RosModulStroy": he should have known about the deal worth nearly 400 million rubles. It is difficult to address any questions to "TSERSI" - the owners of this company are obscure legal entities registered in the Seychelles and the Bahamas.


Nowadays, the main claim of Gorelova has been addressed to two persons: the oligarch Nikolai Shamalov and Vladimir Vasilyev, the chairman of the board of directors in “RosModulStroy " who was personally present at the meeting.




Mass of loans


Bankruptcy of LLC "RosModulStroy" raises as many questions


On November 25, 2011 Judge of the Arbitration Court of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region, Karine Kazarian introduced a procedure of monitoring for "RosModulStroy" on the basis of a claim by LLC "Center for Strategic Studies " ROOF", to which "RosModulStroy " owed about 300,000 rubles allegedly.


On March 2, 2012 the list of creditors of 'RosModulStroya» was enlarged with two more legal entities: LLC "TehnoBalt "(debt of 92 million rubles for the design and renovation work at the plant in Cherepovets) and LLC "Aquatron " (debt of 305 million rubles for the allegedly provided loan in November 2009).


"RosModulStroy’s debt to "TehnoBalt" is beyond any doubt - it was confirmed by a valid decision of the arbitral tribunal.


As for RosModulStroy’s debt to "Aquatron", it was only confirmed by the documents brought to the court by the representatives of "Aquatron " and "RosModulStroy' itself. Lack of understanding between its co-owners causes concern about any documents appearing in this story.


It is worth noting that the CEO of "AQUATRON" is a businessman Igor Pavlov. He is also the sole owner and CEO of the very "Center for Strategic Studies" ROOF", which had initiated bankruptcy procedure for "RosModulStroy" because of the debt of 300 000 rubles. This sum is ridiculous compared to the cost of debt to the plant in Cherepovets.


A story of the debt was described exactly the same way as the story of the debt of "RosModulStroy" to the company "TSERSI". It is called an outstanding loan. Let us recall, that co-owner of "RosModulStroy", Dmitry Gorelov considered the debt to "TSERSI” to be artificial.


One can see in the materials of the arbitral tribunal that the LLC "AQUATRON" did not lend any money to "RosModulStroy" . A loan of more than 300 million rubles was allegedly given by some company Management Company" Module ".  At various times, the founders of this company used to be  Dmitry Gorelov , Nikolai Shamalov and Chairman of the Board of Directors in' RosModulStroy" Vladimir Vasiliev.


All these facts allow us suppose that there was a serious conflict between the "friends of Putin" - oligarchs Dmitry Gorelov and Nikolai Shamalov.  In the meatime Mr Gorelov is afraid of losing his share in the large Cherepovets plant.


Dmitry Gorelov:






Dmitry Gorelov was born in August 1948 in Moscow. However, in his youth he became Petersburger; in 1973 he graduated from the Military Medical Academy, where he became friends with Yuri Shevchenko. The latter subsequently headed the academy, and then was appointed Minister of Health of Russia.


After graduating from the Naval Academy, Dmitry Gorelov began working in the department of International Relations in General Directorate of Health in Leningrad. At this time, he got acquainted with Sergei Kolesnikov, Leningrad biophysicist.


In 1989, Dmitry Gorelov with Sergei Kolesnikov started the business of supplying medical equipment. They created the company "PETROMED". The company was headed by the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg Mayor's office; at the time it was headed by Vladimir Putin. In 1995 they met with the then head of the St. Petersburg Medical office of Siemens Unit, Nikolai Shamalov.


Since then, they had a lot of joint commercial projects, one of which was the LLC «RosModulStroy." The Cherepovets plant owned by "RosModulStroy", was built in 2008 as part of a federal high-tech medical centers.


According to Dmitry Gorelov, from September to December 2008 the plant produced 118 ward modules for the federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, Chelyabinsk, and in the period from May 2009 to May of 2010 329 modular units for a similar center in Perm were produced.


The area of the plant is over 21 hectares and has outputs to land and water transportation arteries. According to Dmitry Gorelov, the cost of the plant is 1.1 billion rubles.


Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

 Бизнес-досье этого народного избранника выглядит, пожалуй, самым неожиданным. В его биографии присутствует легальное участие в порноиндустрии – он был бизнес-партнеров известно порномагната Сергея Пряннишникова. Все остальное свидетельствует о его стабильном, но скромном по депутатским меркам достатке.


После публикации островитянам с Майского привезли шкаф РЖД на переезд

К железнодорожному переезду на острове Майский в Выборгском районе Ленобласти привезли оборудование. Возможно, для организации переезда и связи с материком. Несмотря на то, что оно в расцветке РЖД, в пресс-службе об этом не слышали.


Самозванцы предъявили «Вимосу» иск сивой кобылы

Суд получил заявления о банкротстве тезок компаний «Вимоса» почти на полтриллиона рублей. В торговом доме заявили о диверсии. Руководство ретейлера не исключает, что к путанице мог приложить руку один из бывших сотрудников.


Морские лоцманы пожаловались на Росморпорт прокурору

ФГУП «Росморпорт» издал ряд документов, ухудшающих условия организации и оплаты труда лоцманов и грубо нарушающих российское трудовое законодательство и приказы Минтранса. Профсоюзная организация «Морские лоцманы Санкт-Петербурга» обратилась с жалобой в транспортную прокуратуру и Государственную инспекцию труда. Сотрудники последней передали редакции полный текст документа, где подробно описаны допущенные Росморпортом нарушения.