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Businessmen have brought "friends of Putin's" under criminal investigation

Vladimir Vasiliev
A criminal case has been initiated in the Main Investigation Department of Research Affairs in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. That happened due to the facts revealed in the process of bankruptcy proceedings against the odious LLC "RosModulStroy". It has been established by the oligarchs - the press calls them "Putin's friends". The criminal case was filed under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code ("fraud on a large scale"). A prominent businessman Vladimir Vasiliev appears to be a part of this case.


"Unidentified executives”

As a result of a three-month inspection, inspector  of GSU Research Affairs of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Mr.  Ryabchuk came to the conclusion that a certain group of people had reregistered a one-billion-ruble property of "RosModulStroya" to some company "ZERS", and then initiated a bankruptcy procedure  against" RosModulStroy "with the assistance of "Center for Strategic Studies "RUF";  "RosModulStroy" owes the center a ridiculous amount - 308 000 Rub.

It is about the very LLC "RosModulStroy", which had been established for the implementation of one of the directions of the national project "Health" by those oligarchs who are known to be close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to investigators, a group of persons who committed the crime has not been identified. The investigator states that the members of this "unknown" group of crooks are the leaders and agents of owners of “RosModulStroy" (oligarchs: Dmitry Gorelov, Nikolai Shamalov, Tatiana Kanunnikova, Sergey Kolesnikov and LLC “ROSINVEST").

Director-General of "RosModulStroy"  was a consequence of Oleg Mistyukov, while the Chairman of the Board of Directors was an odious businessman Vladimir Vasiliev. The latter has repeatedly been spotted by journalists in connection with allocation of contracts abuses, and its customer was JSC "Russian Railways". In particular, the "Oglaska" wrote about the oddities associated with "Corporation R-Industry" which was controlled by Vasiliev. The company gained multibillion-dollar contracts from the "Railways" (http://oglaskaspb.com/auto/a44/).

One can assume that investigation is going to take interest in Vladimir Vasiliev in connection with the fraudulent property takeover of LLC "RosModulStroy." And, if the investigation concludes that he tried to assign the property belonging to such senior people – no one would begrudge the businessman’s fortune. However, the case may be even trickier, if they find out that he had not acted in his own interests.


Suspicious bankruptcy

«Oglaska» described in detail the story of a suspicious bankruptcy of "RosModulStroy” (http://oglaskaspb.com/bank/a43/). Last year, the co-founder of the company, Dmitry Gorelov had got the impression that he had been deprived of his property which was a 25% share of "RosModulStroy". It was a very significant sum of money - Mr Gorelov claims the property of the company is worth more than 1 billion rubles - a newly built plant in Cherepovets.

Dmitry Gorelov appealed to the police after having found that, in October 2011, an extraordinary general meeting of the Company "RosModulStroy" unanimously decided to give all the property to a certain company "ZERS" for repayment of the alleged debt. Gorelov was absent  at this meeting , and he learned about  the decision after the fact. He considered the debt to "ZERS" to be far-fetched and all the happening called a raider seizure.

Central Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry State University St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region has recently opened a criminal case under that statement by Dmitry Gorelov

Meanwhile, bankruptcy proceedings against the "RosModulStroy" have been started in the Arbitration Court of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region. During this procedure, the 13th Arbitration Appeal Court denounced that transaction by LLC "AQUATRON" invalid (thee LLC is associated with the co-founder of "RosModulStroy" Nikolai Shamalov and businessman Vladimir Vasiliev); the court considered the company had tried to enter in the register of creditors of “RosModulStroy" with a debt of almost 400 million rubles.

In general, it looks like the bankruptcy was initiated by the same people who had organized that meeting of shareholders which made Dmitry Gorelov perturbing. Now law enforcement officials have to look into all these circumstances.

The Editor office  of "Oglaska" got a copy of the decision to institute the criminal proceedings:

Постановление о возбуждении от 030712-1

Постановление о возбуждении от 030712-2  

Dossier of "Oglaska":

LLC "RosModulStroy" was founded in December 2006 for participation in one of the very ambitious projects by the national project "Health" (“Zdorovie”). It was about the construction of 14 regional centers of Cardiovascular Surgery; those centers were to be made of the modules produced by the German company “Cadolto”. It was stated that "RosModulStroy" would organize purchase of the appropriate number of modular structures, would import them to Russia, and then would put together the future cardiac centers. To implement those plans a plant in Cherepovets was built.

There was a huge amount of money from the federal and regional budgets invested in the project, however, they never reported about any opening or success of the new Cardiology for some reason. If you search "Yandex", you might get the impression that no center was built in a normal way, as expected, but almost every unfinished center encountered many unexpected problems that did not allow bringing the building up to the end.

On the other hand, "RosModulStroy" is interesting for its founders. Among them there are: Nikolay Shamalov (OOO "ROSINVEST"), Sergei Kolesnikov, Vadim Mozhayev and Dmitry Gorelov. The media call them oligarchs and Putin's friends, from time to time they start arguing with each other and due to the status of the participants this becomes public.


Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

 Бизнес-досье этого народного избранника выглядит, пожалуй, самым неожиданным. В его биографии присутствует легальное участие в порноиндустрии – он был бизнес-партнеров известно порномагната Сергея Пряннишникова. Все остальное свидетельствует о его стабильном, но скромном по депутатским меркам достатке.


Детектив с тайными агентами

В Петербурге разворачивается очередной шпионский детектив, в центре которого всё то, что необходимо для жанра: продажные сотрудники спецслужб, преступные лидеры задержания и крупные суммы денег.


Как в Третьяковской галерее украли Крым

Третьяковская галерея не сберегла картину Архипа Куинджи «Ай-Петри. Крым». Произведение из собрания Русского музея «ушло» с временной выставки в неизвестном направлении. И не исключено, что в компании дорогой шубы – пропажа именно этого предмета из гардероба, по информации СМИ, стала поводом для вызова полиции. Возврат картины, с учетом ее сюжета, комментаторы в Интернете уже нарекли делом государственной важности.


Дело о четырех миллионах

Бывшая совладелица миллиардного бизнеса Лариса Кузнецова и петербургский консультант Александр Гайдуков обвиняются полицейским следствием Московского района Санкт-Петербурга в мошенничестве. Дескать, вывели из компании «Специальные технологии» четыре миллиона рублей и распорядились по своему усмотрению. Особое внимание средства массовой информации уделяют фигуре Александра Гайдукова, вырастающей у некоторых авторов до масштабов легендарного Голиафа. Так давайте вспомним, как «Голиаф» оказался в «деле о четырех миллионах».