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"RosModulStroy" Bankruptcy: the super creditor swallowed itself


An examination was carried out during the bankruptcy of an odious LLC "RosModulStroy" (founded by the oligarchs of the inner circle of Vladimir Putin, the national project "Zdorovie"), which revealed falsification of the documents, according to those the "RosModulStroy" has got a super creditor. Now the court is going to withdraw the creditor out of the bankruptcy proceedings, and law enforcement agencies should find out who was standing behind the fraud in the bankruptcy of one of the key objects by an advertised national project?


Expert stated a fraud

The company "Evroekspertiza" (North-Western Bureau) conducted a study of contracts of sale of bills and acts of reception and transmission - those were the bills allegedly bought by "RosModulStroy" in 2011 from a certain LLC "Kronoss"; the company allegedly failed to pay the bills , aтв because of that the "RosModulStroy" formed a prodigious debt of half a billion rubles to "Kronoss". Thanks to the bills "Kronoss" became part of the creditors of “RosModulStroy", and got most of the votes on the board of creditors, allowing him to manage the bankruptcy.

"Oglaska" repeatedly wrote about the development of this process with the active participation of "Kronoss» (http://oglaskaspb.com/eng//bank/a62/): the Enterprise was almost ruined, its one-billion ruble assets went to someone, and real creditors could have received almost nothing out of the bankruptcy. However, representatives of another creditor - LLC "Flagman" - have managed to convince the court of the need for the examination of documents, based on which the company "Kronoss" had appeared.  The results exceeded all expectations: the expert came to the clear conclusion that the sales contracts and acts of reception and transmission of bills signed by representatives of the "RosModulStroy" and "Kronoss" – had been rigged.

The expert examined all contracts and instruments, which showed that in 2011, "RosModulStroy" bought securities from "Kronoss" worth half a billion rubles. And in all cases, he came to two conclusions:

Firstly, the "date specified in the ... (here the examined documents are listed - Ed.) do not match the dates when the documents actually had been signed ..."

Secondly, the "actual period of limitation of signing ... (then again the examined documents are listed - Ed.) is not more than one year prior to the time of this study. Signatures had been put not until January 2012 ... "

Given the fact that all the investigated documents are dated of January-April 2011, it is safe to assert that they are simply fraudulent. Moreover, it is not about some small postscript - it is a large swindle involving the plant which had been built in the framework of the national project "Zdorovie"; Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev officially stood bail for it at the time.


Like in Greek mythology

What are the consequences of such an expert opinion? Here is something to think about.

First, the tribunal will have to withdraw Company "Kronoss" from the creditors list of “RosModulStroy" that would fundamentally change the balance of power in bankruptcy of this odious company.

Secondly, the falsified sales contracts for the bills (allegedly concluded between "RosModulStroy" and "Kronoss"), contain the signature of the CEO of "RosModulStroy" - Oleg Mistyukov. It seems that now this gentleman is going to deal with the police. This would be interesting to hear how he is going to explain the fact his signature is in the documents dated about a year earlier they had been signed.

Thirdly, the representatives of the companies, who testified in court how their companies had acquired those bills from "RosModulStroy" - will appear to be in a delicate  situation as it is no longer in doubt the bills never existed. And, they could not have been mistaken due to the fact from the very start the representatives of LLC "Flagman" did pay attention to all questionable aspects related to the appearance of LLC "Kronoss” among the creditors of “RosModulStroy".

In general, it seems that the people, who came up with all this nonsense, did not expect to succeed. Kronos is a character of a morality tale in Greek mythology. He was afraid of a prediction on which one of his children would overthrow him, and so he swallowed them one by one. When his wife was pregnant by Zeus, she gave birth to him in a deep cave and hid him, and gave Cronus a stone to swallow not to lose their last baby. When Kronos realized he had been deceived, he began to seek for Zeus, but failed. When Zeus grew up, he went to war with his father. After a long war Kronos was overthrown by Zeus and imprisoned.

It seems that the organizers of today's fraud are going to face the same fate. Let us recall some of the circumstances under which "Kronoss" had appeared to be one of the creditors of “RosModulStroy".


Bills and the dead

First of all, some acts of reception and transmission of bills have been signed by the former Director General of "Kronoss" nearly two months after his own death; and later they found out that at the time the signature was dated, such bills did not exist, and the fact of the formation of a large debt was not reflected in the financial statements at all.

According to the papers presented in court, in 2011, "RosModulStroy" bought 50 bills of JSC "Lakokraska" and JSC "National Satellite Company" from "Kronoss" for the total amount of 372 million rubles. However, according to the acts of transfer of these bills, they purchased 46 bills worth 333 million. Is it possible that no one counted bills at such a large amount of money?

The act of transfer of the January 31, 2011 stated that "RosModulStroy" received 6 bills of "National Satellite Company" from "Kronoss", although the case file contains only 4 bills. It is not clear when "RosModulStroy" received 2 more bills that day.

Moreover, the documents for obtaining 26 bills of "Lakokraska" by "RosModulStroy" contain a strange discrepancy: in some parts it is written the bills were issued by Ltd. "Lakokraska", and in other parts - by the similarly named JSC. Interestingly, the same mistakes are on all the bills: some securities have been released by LLC "Lakokraska" but stamps are by the JSC. Any businessman will tell you that such errors are not permitted in securities.

It should be added that according to the documents submitted to the court, a fantastic thing follows "Lakokraska" addressed a letter to "Kronoss" confirming the release of the bills about a week before they have been released, according to the dates on the bills.

And, finally, strangely enough the existing copies of the bills had no endorsements, which are a major factor in the transition of ownership of the bill from one owner to another. In addition, the original bills are absent in the case files - supposedly "RosModulStroy" paid someone with them.

Thus, LLC "Kronoss" became the creditor of "RosModulStroy" with half-billion debt through a questionable transfer of the bills which no one ever saw!

There is a logical question: what did the founders of LLC "RosModulStroy" do when all that happened? What is the role of the chairman of the board - Vladimir Vasiliev - in the incident?


Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

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