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In the "Gazprom" they have nothing to get wiped with

Alexei Hayduk (on the right)
This is neither a metaphor, nor a joke and not an attempt to offend anyone. The Editor office of "Oglaska" got a letter signed by the Deputy Director General of LLC "Gazprom Transgaz St. Petersburg" by Alexei Hayduk; according to it, the company employees (more than 6,000 persons) are sorely lacking toilet paper. The situation is so serious that they have nothing to do but to use the design and estimate documentation for construction projects, and that can lead to unpredictable consequences - for example, the failure of the construction terms or repair of a large pipeline.

There is a letter dated 9th October 2012, called: "The state of toilet paper supplies in 2012". Deputy General Director of LLC "Gazprom Transgaz St. Petersburg" on General Affairs - Alexei Haiduk -addressed the issue to the top manager of another part of the "Gazprom" company – to Deputy General Director for Supply Management of LLC "Gazprom Complectatsia", Mikhail Likhachev.

This letter is filled with sincere emotions, and there is no doubt that all of the written there is true. Indeed, this truth seems to have been bitter for the staff of the leading company of Northwest.

 Here is the text of the letter "State of toilet paper supply in 2012," with the author spelling:

"I have to turn to you with a humiliating request because of an extreme need. In due course, as part of the limit made in July 2011 in LLC "Gazprom Transgaz St. Petersburg", there were requests made for the supply of toilet paper in 2012.  The agency commission was formed, funds to pay for supplies were included in the balance of payments, and however, the Centralized supplier has not delivered a single roll of toilet paper to date!!! Stocks of the company have been exhausted, and everything, including the design and estimate documentation of projects which had been put in service is in use now. If this continues further, we will have to use DED of the current construction objects, which in turn will not allow us to provide documentation to place orders for the supply of equipment for construction projects. The vicious circle will be closed.

Given the above, I ask you to take strong measures to prevent the shame of our esteemed Company and the city of three revolutions, and the cultural capital of Russia as a whole..."

Here is the letter itself:


One is going to weep just having a look at it, keeping in mind the disgraceful way the construction documents might be used (DED) for repair or construction of any large pipeline and compressor station.

According to the company website, LLC "Gazprom Transgaz St. Petersburg" today is:

- A modern transportation system, which is over 10,000 kilometers long of trunk pipelines with 236 gas distribution stations;

- 28 compressor stations with 176 gas compressor units with total capacity of 1,400 MW;

- More than 6000 highly skilled employees, servicing 13-line production department of main gas pipelines, and other support units;

- Gas Transmission system, capable of receiving and bringing to consumers more than 100 billion cubic meters of hydrocarbon raw materials and fuel per a year; all of those are delivered to large industrial centers, such as St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Pskov, Tver, Smolensk, Kaliningrad, and Petrozavodsk. The company carries out gas exports to Finland, and to the Baltic countries - Estonia and Latvia, Belarus; and then to Europe.


Депутат Соловьев – выходец из порнобизнеса

 Бизнес-досье этого народного избранника выглядит, пожалуй, самым неожиданным. В его биографии присутствует легальное участие в порноиндустрии – он был бизнес-партнеров известно порномагната Сергея Пряннишникова. Все остальное свидетельствует о его стабильном, но скромном по депутатским меркам достатке.


Несостоявшийся кандидат в губернаторы Санкт-Петербурга хочет установить родственную связь с Гитлером?

Бывший уполномоченный по правам человека в Петербурге и экс-депутат городского законодательного собрания Игорь Михайлов претендует на наследство умершего офицера, используя сомнительные документы и лжесвидетелей. Об этом рассказывает участник судебного процесса адвокат Сергей Сомов.


Страховые мошенники перезагрузились

В бизнес автострахования Петербурга пришла беда, которую не ждали, — новая схема воровства, где классические угонщики уже ни при чем. Несмотря на заявление об угоне 24 марта нового «Хендэ Соляриса», в Адмиралтейском районе не спешат с возбуждением уголовного дела. В перспективе потерпевшая вряд ли получит страховку в «РЕСО».


Морские лоцманы пожаловались на Росморпорт прокурору

ФГУП «Росморпорт» издал ряд документов, ухудшающих условия организации и оплаты труда лоцманов и грубо нарушающих российское трудовое законодательство и приказы Минтранса. Профсоюзная организация «Морские лоцманы Санкт-Петербурга» обратилась с жалобой в транспортную прокуратуру и Государственную инспекцию труда. Сотрудники последней передали редакции полный текст документа, где подробно описаны допущенные Росморпортом нарушения.