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"Construction Technologies": Sentence impossible to bankrupt!

The Investigative Committee discovered fraud activities of "Construction Technology", which had not paid off to the private investors of a scandalous home at the Yaroslavsky Prospekt - in particular, because of the actions of officials in St. Petersburg. The criminal case was instituted on the fact that they had not found offensive until recently. Meanwhile, private investors, who initiated the proceedings, went to court, and reported refusal of financial requirements. 


Fraud of the 6th try

A criminal case on the grounds of an offense under paragraph 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code ("fraud on a large scale") was filed by a senior investigator of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee at St. Petersburg, Anton Beskhmelnitsyn. It happened after police investigators stated 5 times: there is no crime in the circumstances of the construction of the house number 78-A at the Yaroslavsky Prospekt. But at the end of last year Deputy Attorney of St.Petersburg Ivan Yeremeev unexpectedly joined the process, and the material was taken to the Investigation Committee.

After the intervention of a high-ranking prosecutor official into the 6-year-old story, the signs of fraud on a large scale suddenly started appearing. The Criminal Code provides for the offense of up to 10 years in prison.

The Investigative Committee believes that the former private investors of the building on Yaroslavsky Prospekt became victims of theft amounting to about 70 million rubles. The subject for theft is considered to be apartments that the citizens never received or the money they paid to LLC "Construction Technologies" as part of signing preliminary contracts and never had returned.

In this case, the investigator Beskhmelnitsyn did not see one circumstance for some reason: "Construction Technologies" failed to meet its obligations to investors of the building at the Yaroslavsky Prospekt because of the strange actions of officials in St. Petersburg Construction Committee. The later literally made "Construction Technologies" insolvent, first they reduced the height restrictions of the house at the Yaroslavsky Prospekt, and then intervened in the process of building another resonant object - houses on Leninsky Prospekt.


Officials have "helped"

History of the house at the Yaroslavsky Prospekt, 78-A is a typical example of the impact of the crisis in the construction business in St. Petersburg.

In March 2007, "Construction Technologies" signed about 50 so-called preliminary agreements with citizens to purchase their future apartments. In total, private investors paid about 200 million of rubles. In the spring of 2010, the land on which the unfinished house stood was leased by the famous Finnish construction company "Lemminkainen Rus'.

By the time anything done by the "Construction Technologies" has become an investment fee, which "Lemminkainen" promised to return partly by money (234 million), partially by apartments. These apartments "Construction Technologies" was just going to pay off to private investors who have initiated a criminal case today.

But in February 2011, the Smolny officials decided to amend height restrictions, which led to a reduction of the possible height of a building from 100 meters to 72 - 8 floors! Naturally, the Finns had to cancel the contract with the "Construction Technologies." They promised to pay 234 million rubles in cash before the end of 2012.

But in June 2011, bankruptcy proceedings were filed against «Construction Technologies" at the initiative of one of the investors in the house at the Yaroslavsky Prospekt. The register of creditors included not only investors of the Yaroslavsky Prospekt, but also real estate investors who have concluded similar contracts with the "Construction Technologies" at another site - a building construction located at the "Leninsky Prospekt, a site 5 '. This happened after the former St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko deprived the business partner of “Construction Technologies” of its sole asset.

It is the actions of St. Petersburg officials which have made "Construction Technologies" completely insolvent.

Even before the introduction of bankruptcy "Construction Technologies" had assigned their right of claiming the 234 millionth debt at "Lemminkainen" to Company "TehnoBalt." The later has granted its right to sell the claims to "Construction Technologies" to private investors from Yaroslasky Prospekt on very favorable terms. Thus, the actual leaders of the "Construction Technologies" did everything to fulfill its obligations to its citizens to the fullest extent possible.

The majority assigned their right to claim money from the "Construction Technologies" to "TehnoBalt," but some of the former private investors refused from financial claims - they demanded the apartment and called for the police and the courts.


Salvo of two guns

The Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region included in the register of creditors' former private investors of the building at Yaroslavsky Prospekt, who have been seeking initiation of criminal proceedings against the leaders of the "Construction Technologies” for the past two years." First of all, it is St. Petersburgeon Sergey Rusakov and Yuri Greznev who have shown a remarkable legal shape.

First, these investors claimed to the money - they demanded "Construction Technologies" to pay about 15 and 10 million rubles respectively (for contracts associated with the house at the Yaroslavsky Pr.). But recently, these lenders changed their requirements: they abandoned the financial requirements and seek now to receive apartments. This is the way their requirements are included in the register of creditors at the moment.

In accordance with the established practice of law one of two things usually happens. Either the court initiates bankruptcy proceedings in respect of the company which failed to comply with its obligations, or criminal law enforcement agencies do so. In this case, for some reason, both things have happened. Moreover, the Investigative Committee justifies the enormous damage done to investors through the money stolen from them - the same ones from which these same investors have refused voluntarily in court, stating the requirement for apartments in accordance with the preliminary agreements concluded in 2007.

In fact, the initiators of the criminal proceedings in bankruptcy court acknowledged themselves: their claims to "Construction Technologies" are allocated exclusively in the area of the civil proceedings. And this, by their own statements, did not prevent them from initiating a criminal case based on the same events in some incredible way.


"Oglaska" will try to follow the development of these odd events- from the point of view of both common sense and the law.


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